About Dawn

My purpose in this life is to guide and educate people to find answers to their health challenges, so they can cultivate their inner healer, regain optimal health, and live a life of purpose.

Finding My Purpose

So many healers are on that life path because of their own health struggles. Myself included. I thought that was my story, too, until I was tasked with defining my “why”. I thought my journey was about finding answers to my health challenges. About educating myself. About empowerment and personal health freedom. And it is. It is about all of that. But when I really sat down and thought about why I do what I do, I realized it was really two-fold.  One, find the answers as to why my body was struggling so I could get healthy and get my life back and, two, live my soul’s purpose. It was then that it really occurred to me that without the health challenges I have struggled with over the years, I may have never discovered my life’s purpose. And when you finally learn your truth and are blessed with this knowing, it is your joyful duty to share it.

My Path to Healing

I remember clearly when my health started to spiral downwards. There were probably earlier signs, but nothing I took seriously until my husband and I were trying to conceive our second child. At that point I was suffering from various health issues and finding no real answers from my Medical Doctors. I tried Acupuncture at the suggestion of a good friend. My first treatment was life changing. Hours after my treatment I found myself researching this ancient medicine and was enrolled in school a few months later.

After several sessions of acupuncture, I found balance in my life and clarity I had never before experienced. Finally, I had answers for my heart palpitations, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue. And most importantly, acupuncture helped me conceive our second child naturally without the intervention of medical drugs. I was fascinated with how this 5000-year-old medicine worked and was grateful to find a medical system that made sense and provided me with answers. I knew I had to make acupuncture a part of my life and I knew it was my purpose to share this medicine with others.

Finally Finding Answers

Fast forward a few years later. I have begun my acupuncture practice, have two kids, still working a part-time job. My heart palpitations return. “You’re just stressed” the doctors told me. “Do you have any support at home? You are still very young and don’t fit the profile of typical heart issues.” I knew it wasn’t stress. Sister, I know what stress feels like! This was different. Why wasn’t anyone listening to me?

And what about the stomach pains that would keep me up all night long and nothing ever helped? The doctors told me “You have post-infectious irritable bowel syndrome”. A big fancy term for my symptoms with again, no answers as to why or what to do about it. Just deal with it. Thankfully at the time I was sharing clinic space with a Chiropractor who also practiced Nutrition Response Testing. She saw I was suffering and told me she might be able to help find answers as to why my body was struggling and why I was experiencing these symptoms. And girl, did she ever! Bacteria, virus, heavy metals and parasites just to name a few.

She introduced me to a system to help uncover stressors at the organ level that were keeping my body from being well. This was a new level of health. I had not felt this good in years! So of course, armed with this knowledge, I knew it was my duty once again to learn this medicine so I could in-turn finally help others find answers to their health challenges.

A New Level of Health

Just when I thought I had put all the pieces together, exhaustion, brain fog, a loss of connection with my husband. What was happening? At the time I was only 47. It couldn’t be menopause already, right? My doctor ran what was supposed to be all the right tests, but everything was always in the normal range. At that point I was the student again and found myself researching hormones and metabolic disorders. I learned about functional medicine and the laboratory diagnostics available that could show me exactly why I was exhausted and had no motivation and why I couldn’t think straight. My hormones were a mess! My body was in metabolic chaos!

But how was I going to fix that? You guessed it, functional medicine training. I knew that if I was experiencing these symptoms then my patients were too. Once again, I found myself back in school (hopefully for the last time) to add in this last missing piece of the puzzle. I finally learned that not only was it important to rid the body of stressors like bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, etc., but it takes a whole lifestyle approach to really manage your health. I had to reduce my stress and find better ways to balance stress, I had to eat a more balanced diet, change my mindset, and make my sleep a priority.


Take Control of Your Health

So now it’s my turn to teach you what I have learned. To educate you in the process of how to take back control of your health. You don’t have to make the mistakes I made or search for answers in all the wrong places. It is your time to finally be heard. I will help you cultivate your inner healer so you can regain youthful energy, mental clarity and optimal digestion and live a healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle.