Functional Medicine

A root cause approach to healing mind, body, and soul

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root cause of disease for each individual. My role as a practitioner is to help my clients free themselves from the trial-and-error paradigm of the traditional medical model. I do that by running functional lab tests which uncover malfunctions in your body that are causing symptoms and organ dysfunction. We refer to these malfunctions as “HIDDEN” stressors, because they are within the Hormone, Immune, Detoxification, Diet, Energy production and Nervous systems.

Identify Underlying Causes

These HIDDEN stressors and dysfunctions correlate with most common complaints and symptoms, leading us to healing opportunities. The Functional Medicine model of healthcare is patient-centered and individualized. It is a science-based approach and empowers the client and practitioner to work together to address underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness. Improved patient outcomes are achieved with personalized treatment plans which combine a detailed understanding of the patients genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Lab diagnostic results are taken together with the client’s symptoms to draw clinical correlation to find healing opportunities in the body. When we find these opportunities for healing in the body, we create a natural, holistic protocol to help the person restore health naturally. We call this the “DRESS for Health Success Program”. DRESS stands for Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress reduction and Supplementation. So, all of these things are a part of the coaching process. We optimize diet removing inflammatory, irritating, reactive foods. We run functional lab tests to identify and help irradiate infections, remove parasites, bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses. We coach up a healthy host and coach down metabolic chaos.