Nutrition Response Testing®

Removal of the toxin eliminates the need for a nutritional supplement 95% of the time.

What is Nutrition Response Testing® (NRT)?

Nutrition Response Testing is a non–invasive way to test your body and discover what deficiencies or underlying issues are causing your symptoms and health conditions. When these causes are corrected through safe, natural and nutritional means, the body can repair itself in order to attain and maintain more optimum health. The best way to give your body what it needs is to discover what is lacking and help the body get back in balance. This is done with Nutrition Response Testing and applied kinesiology. We find out what your body needs and create a clinically designed, personal nutrition program based on the testing.

In Nutrition Response Testing® we do not diagnose or treat disease.

The analysis is performed simply by using your body’s neurological reflexes and various muscle groups to determine where the underlying weakness is in the body. The neurological reflexes are derived from the  part of the nervous system whose job is to regulate the functions of each and every organ. Then, using the same technique, we design a natural health improvement program to help you handle what we find in the analysis.

Through an analysis of your body’s reflexes, we help you to determine the exact nutrients you need to supplement your diet in order to bring about balance and better health. We make these highly concentrated therapeutic formulations available to you in tablets, capsules, powdered or in liquid form to “supplement” your current diet. Depending on your individual situation, we might also require that you make some specific changes in your diet & eating habits and in your routines, in order to bring about the best possible result.