Are you ready to restore your health and reclaim your life?

It's time to recharge your hormones, revitalize your metabolism and repair your nervous system.

Does this sound familiar?

Being told your bloodwork is normal

Bouncing from doctor to doctor finding no real answers to your health struggles

Inability to focus or
think clearly

You’re tired of not feeling like yourself and your brain just doesn’t work the way it used to

Struggling with bloat and digestive issues

It seems like everything you eat these days increases inflammation and gives you diarrhea or constipation

Frustrated and unable to lose weight

You don’t feel good in your body anymore and step on the scale only to find you have gained another pound

Struggling with hot flashes/night sweats

You are irritable and can’t sleep not to mention your sex drive has hit rock bottom

It’s Time to Take Inspired Action

Imagine your life when you break free from all those symptoms that are holding you back from the life, relationships and career you deserve. It’s time to take inspired action and find comfort knowing your voice will be heard every step of the way. Following a customized roadmap with a clear plan of action to reach your goals, you will feel supported knowing that a program has been designed specifically to address your body and your needs.

You’ll receive a free 30-minute hormone and metabolism consultation to see if one of our programs is right for you.

A Whole Body Approach to Health and Wellness

It is my joy and privilege to be your guide in this next chapter of your health journey as you transition from lethargic to luminous. I missed years of my life visiting doctors not getting answers and not feeling like myself. This kept me from quality time with my family and friends and unable to enjoy life the way I wanted to. I know the steps to restore optimal health. I have designed my programs to not only teach you about detox and clean eating, but have included lifestyle changes and new habits and routines you can easily incorporate into your busy life for sleep, stress reduction and exercise.

Functional Medicine Icon

Functional Medicine

By focusing on the root cause of why a person doesn’t feel good, the person can put their body in a state of healing and growth and repair. This model of health care runs functional lab tests which identify hidden stressors that are keeping the body sick. From there, we create a customized health plan to restore optimal health.

Personalized Coaching Programs

A large part of my focus is to bring awareness of the healing potential of the human body. Healthcare starts from within. When we remove the blocks – whether they are metabolic, physical, spiritual, mental or emotional – the body is able to self-regulate and heal. Coaching programs encompass a whole body approach to healing.


A regular practice of joyful movement through yoga, breathwork and meditation can improve physical and mental health. These practices can strengthen your immune system, increase energy, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, help manage pain and improve mood. Breathwork, meditation and Kundalini Yoga are woven into my coaching programs to help you unlock your full potential. There are many practices to choose from, ensuring you find something that resonates with you and your lifestyle.

Nutrition Response Testing®

A kinesiology based system (performed virtual or in-person) which communicates with the body’s innate intelligence to evaluate the body’s response to a wide variety of substances that may be affecting health and function. With these results we determine the exact nutrients your body needs to restore health and create a customized clinical nutrition program.

Hi, I’m Dawn!

Fierce mama bear, hormone and metabolism fixer-upper, lover of life, spreader of light and heart-centered, intuitively guided healer. I help women experience break-throughs in health by finally finding answers to their health challenges and escaping the cycle of trial and error so they can restore youthful energy, mental clarity and self-confidence so they can live a healthy, balanced, sustainable lifestyle. It is my mission and purpose to use the lessons I have learned and skills I have obtained to teach others how to take care of themselves and unlock their body’s innate ability to heal.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I Am Literally a New Person

“After my initial 12 weeks of seeing Dawn, I noticed my chronic pain subside, my chronic constipation was finally getting better, and she helped me figure out which foods caused my indigestion and burping.”

Dawn Has Helped Me Live a Healthier Lifestyle

“I began to see drastic changes towards my overall energy and mood. My headaches are completely gone and my lymph node is not swollen at all.”

Incredibly Knowledgeable and a non-judgmental approach

“After 3 months I am happy to report that my TSA is back in normal range for the first time in a decade and PSA dropped 2 points. I feel better, sleep better and am more present in my work.”

She gets down to the root cause of my issues, not just treating the symptoms

“Dawn has helped me resolve stomach issues, allergies, hormonal changes, and many other things.”